[NOTICE: CLOSED] #PhoneCandy Pre-order Batch 31 (2nd to the last for 2016) + 15% OFF + NEW SHINee, Chanyeol & Kris Wu DESIGNS!

Hey lovelies! We’re back with the Batch 31! ^^ Please take note that this will be the 2nd to the last batch of pre-orders for 2016 ^^ Time to get that Phone Candy you’ve been wanting before the Holidays! (Our Phone Candies also make perfect Christmas presents! xD)


Phone Candy Pre-order Batch 31 is NOW OPEN!

All details for this batch are provided below, including the specific coupon codes to get 15% OFF on your order of two or more!^^ 😀 Click on the image to start shopping! ^^



+NEW+ SHINee, Chanyeol and Kris Wu Phone Candy!

These are especially for Shawols, EXO-Ls and Meigeni’s! ^^

We hope you like these new designs! ^^ <3 If there are other artists or idols you’d like to see, do let us know in the comments below ^^

Have a lovely week! ^^